research input

July 2014: Bruker seminar on: “Recent advances in AFM“, University of Bologna, Italy.

February 2014: “1st SINCHEM Annual School” on Sustainable Industrial Chemistry, University of Bologna, Italy.

December 2013:  ”Science through Scanning Probe Microscopy workshop, CNR, Bologna, Italy.

September 2013: EUROCORES grant for the EUROMAT 2013 Conference in Sevilla, Spain.

July 2013: Workshop on ”Advanced SPM applications to mineral, biological and material sciences”, University of Bologna, Italy.

May 2013: European Science Foundation travel grant and member of EuroGRAPHENE community.

April 2013: Graphene Workshop 2013-From fundamental properties to application, Univeristy of Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

March 2013: GENIUS training workshop on ”Coplementary skills”, University College of London, U.K.

January 2013: Secondment; Training and measurements with Raman technique, University of Cambridge, U.K.

September 2012: Summerschool on Photochemistry: Techniques and Applications, CNR-ISOF, Italy.

July 2012: Workshop on SEM by PHENOM®, University of Bologna, Italy.

June 2012: NT-MDT workshop on: “Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering on organic molecules-focus on instrumentation and peculiarities“, CNR-ISOF, Bologna.

June 2012: Communication skills; Research to Business 2012- 7th International Industrial Research Expo, Bologna, Italy.

May 2012: GENIUS training workshop on “Graphene and graphene-organic hybrids: Modelling and experiment”, University of Mons, Belgium.

February 2012: Workshop on ”Advanced XRD applications”, University of Bologna, Italy.

January 2012: Communication skills; International Expotech for Automotive Materials, Modena, Italy.

December 2011: Workshop on ”Scanning Probe Microscopy techniques”, CNR-ISOF, Italy.

December 2011: Marie-Curie Fellowship on the GENIUS project.





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